I’m almost landing and it says only connecting. What can I do?

If no one answered I landed whitout ATC. But why it happened? I had a strong connection

Did you leave the app doing the flight?

I am having the same problem now… Global server doesnt work… there is non connection with server

Sorry about this! Which server are you guys flying on?

I’m flying on training (My first flight on TS was a failure)

Is it working now? If you’ve landed already, could you try loading another flight on the Training Server and let me know if it’s still showing the same “Connecting” screen?


It was on TS
Now it is ok

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I’m having the same problem. I had a 10-hour flight and I was descending when this happened. Not nice :/

It’s the training server

When this happens you have to loose all hope and end the flight. Or you could continue but no other planes and I think no hours