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Hello from Big Bear Virtual Airline.
Ever since our start we have been trying to improve to make our members have a better experience when they are flying with us, we have been discussing what will be better for our members and we have come to a conclusion.
We have been planning this update for month to make sure it will give us the big improvements we have been planning.
So here’s a list a list of the features of our Big Bear Global Update!

Global Divisions

Big Bear flights will now be divided between our new Global Divisions! Perhaps the biggest feature of the update, we will now be divided between Big Bear International, Big Bear National and Big Bear Regional, every member will be assigned to 1 division every 2 weeks, this will let or members enjoy more routes and not do the same route everytime, Global Divisions led to our Flight Rewards redesign.

Flight Rewards Global

Flight Rewards will now be divided in 3 chats, 1 for every division, there will be a period of 2 weeks and whoever gets the most Flight Rewards points by division, will get a placed secured on the Pilot of the Month podium, and whoever gets the most points overall will be Big Bear’s Pilot of the month, this will give you rewards like being able to be a staff in the future.

Divisions, Hubs and Routes:

Big Bear hubs will now be KSTL, KDCA, KONT and L35.
There will be a combination of small medium and long routes on every division to make sure there’s a fit for every pilot.
For more info about our Divisions routes Check our divisions section on our new website.

Global Fleet:

Thanks to Global Flight, Big Bear has now added 3 bigger and more effective planes to their fleet.

  • Boeing 777-200 ER
  • Boeing 757-200
  • Boeing 787-8

They will be used in all of our Hubs except L35.
More information about the use of planes on each route will be released when Global is released.

Small Features:

Well that’s it, thank you for reading all of this :)
Thank You From Big Bear Staff.


So instead of bidding process there will be assignments.


You can choose your route, but it has to be in your division (which will be assigned to you)

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love to be part of this awesome VA


Can I join if I don’t have live?

I would like to join If possible

Yep we are using those planes on other hubs :)

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I’ll send you a pm

Yes, I saw that. Sorry! :)

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I’ll send you a private message :)

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Okay, cool :)

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Thank you for joining guys :)

Can I give some website advice?

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Anyone who would lien to join, I’m the recruiter for Big Bear VA, you can PM me

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Just a head count, how many pilots do you have in counting?

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Listed we have 30

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If you need someone to make a new website, I’m always here! :) I might join too.

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Great thank you!, if you a are interested contact me or @GolferRyan :)

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Alright! Will do :)

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I’ll send you a pm @Joel1973