Connecting to server

Hello, Im trying to fly in the expert server and the Live Server status keeps yellow, so I can’t interact with other players. I’ve tried re-login, close the game and spawning at other airports. This is the first time happens to me. I have a Redmi Note 8 Pro.

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We’re aware of this and are investigating!


Broooo this happens with training server too

Ah, just realized the update is out :D Thats the problem

It’s not out, it’s in beta testing at the moment

Yeah, sorry. I meant that

Yeah this keeps happening I was going to report it but saw this so yeah.

Like it just disconnected now

Exactly, disconnected now

It’s looking good on our end now. Let us know if you have any more issues

The same problem is in the new update 20.2

Yes, that was what I meant

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It still seems to be down for me :(

Which server are you trying to connect to?

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It’s still stuck on connecting and I have a practical test in 45 mins.

Someone please help.

I mean the casual server seems to work

famous last words tbh

I’m trying to connect to, and it wont work. (On 20.1 btw)

Anyone here using Beta 20.2 and has a problem with no contact server, or it’s a problem with me only?

It’s been restarted again now.
How are things looking for you?

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