Connecting to Infinite Flight

Using same network PC (Windows 10) iPhone X (iOS 12.3.1). Help me.

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Hi there welcome to the community.

Are you trying to connect to live flight connect on your phone?

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Hello, welcome to the community! You should try downloading the LiveFlight app on your pc, so you can control IF from your computer or a joystick/yoke.

Yes. FLC installed to my pc & try to connect to my phone.

Do you have the setting on your IF setting activated to allow Live flight connect (IF general settings)

Already installed LFC to my pc. Pc and my phone on same network (Personal hotspot). “Connecting to Infinite Flight” waiting for 30mins but still not connected. I’ve enabled IF Connect to my IF setting too.

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May I ask what joystick your using

I think you need to have them on a Wifi network, not just a hotspot

Also try restarting your wifi router and you laptop and see if that changes anything

Yes sir. Everything good but still not connected. :(

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro sir

Sounds like you need #support maybe try and ask a mod

So something that I have learned from the past is that you can’t use a personal hotspot to connect as other users have made that point as well


Yeah like what @American_1549 said just gonna have to contact a mod about this or try restarting everything

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Your PC needs to be on the wireless network as well. If your PC is plugged in with an Ethernet cable and the iphone is on wireless it will not work.

Also make sure you are not using a VPN on your phone.

This is the right place for LFC support. No need to move it.

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No I didn’t mean to move it I meant that he needed other support from a mod @Chris_S

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I have used an ethernet cable with my laptop before and my ipad on wireless network and it works fine.

Are you planning to use a joystick, or just control IF from your pc?

I used the same joystick you currently have

Yes that is why he is trying to connect it to his computer

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