Connecting to cellular data - T-MOBILE

I’m having another issue for the second time where I can’t connect to live using cellular data. It happened once before and I fixed it somehow without remembering. Can someone please help me try to fix this issue so that I will be able to fly global on my data plan. I’m using an iPhone 7 with T mobile unlimited Data and my phone is updated with the latest IOS

Make sure it’s enabled in cellular settings. You may also want to try restarting your device.

I believe you need to contact their customer service and have them open Port 10100.

@schyllberg Is that still what they need to do?

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I’m not sure. It might have been solved with this update but haven’t been able to receive any confirmation of it yet.


Have it worked for you before? Or have you’ve always been having issues on cellular lately with T-Mobile?

So actually yeah I had the issue before I called t mobile they didn’t really help about 4 weeks after that it started working on t mobile perfectly so I want to know why it is happening again and how I could fix it

Wdym enables in cellular where is that setting?

So we can use cell data to fly Global?

It’s probably the same thing as before then.

T-Mobile is blocking the port used for Live when you are connected with an IPv6-address. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do in this case, but to ask users such az yourself to call them to ask to be moved back to IPv4 or for them to stop blocking the port.


So how come for a year I never had an issue then when I used a WiFi at a friends house it made it happen and then 4 weeks after that it started working perfectly fine but now I’m having that same issue

Probably because you were connected with an IPv4-address then. And for some reason, they switched you back again. Wifi and cellular are two very different things here.


Check this out :)

I dont think this issue has been solved with this update. I just tried flying over Celluar with good connection and it gave me this.