Connecting problem

Hi, i wanted to have a multiplayer flight on my 9.7 iPad Pro (ios 10.3.2). When I pressed the multiplayer button it told me to log in with my google or Facebook account, when I pressed that google button it just reset my game, i tried more times and always instead of redirecting me to the google page to log in it resets my app. I tried doing the same thing with facebook and it’s the same, i also tried logging in from air traffic control and again, the same thing, I reinstalled the app, just doesn’t work. I bought live licence yesterday and it worked perfectly on my iPad since today’s morning

I forgot to say that on my iphone 6 it workes perfectly but i don’t really like playing on it because of the small screen and because it lags on multiplayer

Reset your router/modem, Tell us if it works or not.

“I bought live licence yesterday and it worked perfectly on my iPad since today’s morning”

Is this a different iPad from the Pro 9.7?

He’s saying it worked perfectly until this morning, so from yesterday when he bought it, to today.


@Aussie_Wombat i am pretty sure google accounts are universal, i think he is saying that the app is crashing everytime he trys to log in to live with his google and face book account.

Tried force restarting your iPad?
Deleting and reinstalling?

I was on cellular data

Yeah, i tried both…


Cellular data doesn’t work well with Live. That is most likely your problem. Try with a solid wifi connection, and let us know if this fixes things.

@AlexTheA320Pilot Ok, try to get on a wifi connection and try to see if it works then.

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On my iph 6 it workes perfect over cellular data

That’s the whole issue. It works on some devices and not others. Try using your iPad with a wifi connection.

Ok, but an ipad and an iphone are different. So try to connect to a wifi connection on your ipad and try to log in once more. We need to know if this works so we could find a solution for you ;)

I just said that. We don’t need two people telling one thing. i know you were probably in the middle of writing when I posted

Ok, i’ll try later when i’ll get back home


Ok, when you do please tell us if it works or not. Thanks and Cheers!!

One more question, is there any problem if I connect to my iphone hotspot because i’m visiting my grandma and she doesn’t have wifi :)

Well try that, see if it works. Although it will eat up your cellular data. Just try that for know tell us if it works and use it until you can find an actual wifi source. Cheers!

Okay, thanks for your help

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