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Hello. I have a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One joystick to use with Infinite flight. I use LiveFlight to connect but cannot seem to get it to connect correctly. I assume the ‘Use networked joysticks’ button in the controls tab is meant to stay highlighted, which it is not. The devices are A Lenovo ideapad 320s and iPad air 2. Any info would be great.

Why do you use live flight you can turn on bluetooth on both devices and connect them together then go and set it up in the settings

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Hey there, and welcome!

Make sure that both of your devices are on the same network. Also, make sure that the 'Enamble LIveFlightConnect" is ticked in the settings.

@Capt_Mazen because it depends what operating software he’s using. if its apple, then what you said cannot be done.

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When you say not working correctly, do you mean that you are getting wrong outputs or no outputs at all?

As @AlphaSeven have said; you need to ensure that both devices are on the same network and you’ve enabled live flight connect option from the app itself

Hey man. There are no outputs to the device with infinite flight 👍

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I’ll see if it works

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