Connecting Issues

Hello IF community I have a issue with connecting to Solo mode and Online for some reason. I’ve up in previous post from others in support and try what the solved answer was and nothing seemed to happen. So what should I do? thanks

Hey, please continue using your previous thread. There is no need to create a new one. Your problem will be solved on there. Cheers

i don’t have a previous thread on this issue

I’m posting here because none of them trouble shoots helped

This? You said you had a post?

i was referring to others posting on this issue not my my bad

Well then, please wait for someone who can help you.

He can’t do anything else. That’s why he asked our help by making a topic in #support :)

Hey buddy,

Its working fine for me at the moment. Could you please reply with the steps you have taken so far to solve the issue and which device you use?

Hello thanks for replying, So far i’ve been fixing the internet and seems to be fine. Also i tried logging out and restarting device and then log back in and didn’t work. tried reinstalling app and didn’t work. So rn not sure what to do. And i use a iPhone 6s

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Did you try clearing the scenery cache in settings?

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i will try that

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you just got it to work thanks so much

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So happy to help. Happy flying :)

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