Connecting issues + app crashes

I have an Apple iPhone 7+ with the rendering quality set to low, airplane count to very low, nighttime and cockpit view camera facing the rudders. This was supposed to prevent loading terrain from overwhelming your phone as they suggested after 19.4

However, even with all these precautions, I have some issues with connecting even, since it takes usually around 10-15 minutes even loading my account (a lot more even starting a flight in the server) and even during flight the server connection just leaves for around half hour intervals. I’ve speed tested my internet from where I usually fly and it says that the connection is very strong. One time I had the weather disconnected for almost the whole flight which made it about an hour longer than it should have been.

But I could deal with an extra hour of flying. It’s just that I never make it to cruise without the app crashing itself. I’ve read the devs’ posts and checked my app version history and I see that I already have the hotfix installed. I just want to know if I’ve done something wrong or the servers are just going crazy. This has only been happening with ‘Fly Online’ and not solo or atc as I sometimes control on the training server for a lot longer than my flights last. My most recent callsign (a couple minutes ago it crashed) was Ukraine International 2612 from KJFK-UKBB and my display name has always been ‘rsanpedro’. I haven’t made a successful flight for about a week now and my sub expires in a couple days on the 21st. Side note- does wipers change anything? I turned them on for a little while during climb but found them too distracting so I turned them off and 10 minutes later the whole app crashed.

7s+? umm… i guess you got a secret version then.

my mom not really understanding english that much probably combined the s and + thinking that was what it was called. Anyway that box says 7+ sorry for the confusion. I got lied to as well by her and believed for about a year know heh

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Have you updated to 20.1? They should’ve fixed it.

And when it comes to the long connection time

I assume it’s because of the large amount of people on the servers these days,

Yes the app store says I have version 20.01.01 Hotfix

weird, i have an standard iphone 7 with medium medium graphics and medium airplane count and have 0 problems. maybe “clear cache” or restart your phone before every flight, maybe delete the app and reinstall it. those are 3 things i can think of.

I have an iPhone 8 and it is fine. Maybe try some issues that have been stated before (am in bed so can’t list Rn)

Could be a problem with your storage too.

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