“Connecting” issue

I have this as well are u on iOS?

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I am making the admin team aware there’s an issue. Which clearly there is and they are looking into it. This is why we have a forum!

The servers are probably overloaded

Yes IOS mate

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We’re increasing capacity right now. Might be a bit glitchy as the instances already running is being hammered and the new ones has to grab it’s config from the hammered ones :)


It’s in the software updates for me

I think it’s where everyone is connecting and the app is struggling 😂 just leave it for a few minutes and see if it works

Thanks means a lot 👍

How does it look for you now?

All working for me!

Mines working now, thanks all

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Good on my end now. Thanks!

Got in, chose the A350 (no BA livery!) and my gate but then crashed. 😢

Santa always knows the solution folks!

Now, on to my 172 flying!

It’s still a bit slower than usual, but at least it doesn’t take minutes :)

Same problem😂 Also the app collapsed after I was on the way from Toulouse to Munich🙁

Now it’s saying I don’t have an active subscription??? Hmm

Embarrassed to show my grade 2 as a result of falling asleep and over speeding at the stick.

Hey, we’ve been having some server trouble in the last 15 mins. Try restarting the app, we’ve just increased capacity so it should be a bit better.

Let us know if you’re still having any trouble :)


All better

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How do you restart the app?