“Connecting” issue

I have the same problems


Same for me

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SAME AND MY FRIEDS trying to connect

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Same here. Known error I hope!

Hopefully mods are investigating as we speak

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Same… Cant connect

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Looks like you wanted the A350 just a little bit too much, and on a Monday?

We’re looking into it :)


Me too, although it connected after about 5 minutes (but not with the update?)

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Update or not doesn’t matter. Same servers :)


I do as well. Restarted my iPad and checked my internet connection too.

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Thanks for letting us know well be patient lol.

Everything is definitely working. But for some reason it’s just being suuuuuuper slow.


Best get some new servers for this weeks FNF! 😂

Getting this now!

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I don’t know if this is related, but when it does finally load, I go to spawn in and the game crashes. Once I was able to get in, but as soon as I went to the pause menu it crashed again.

Same issue here. Mine came up and said “Error 05” ??

Same issue:/

i have it too. i wonder why

Folks, we know the reason why. The staff are working on it. Don’t need to comment on here just to add to the count. Staff know you can’t access, and are working hard as we speak.

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I have this as well are u on iOS?

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I am making the admin team aware there’s an issue. Which clearly there is and they are looking into it. This is why we have a forum!