Connecting Fore Flight with IF

Hello Guys,

Just having some troubles connecting my IF flight with my foreflight. I’m not sure what I can do about it. Regarding what I have as of right now: Both devices are on the same network. Both are on latest IOS. I’m trying to use foreflight on my IPhone 13 and IF on my iPad. My iPad was logged into if and it was flying and still nothing showed up. I have IF installed on both devices encase maybe that helped and yes, I have “enable foreflight link” enabled on both devices. So I’m quite at a loss here. Thanks to anyone who can help

Hey there!

Sorry for a late response. Is your wifi you are on need a VPN or have some sort of restrictions you know of?

Not to my knowledge. No restrictions at all. It’s a private network as well being only my family on it. Neither devices are on a VPN or have one installed. Any other suggestions?

Hello, I use ForeFlight often with my flights. Make sure that the API setting in the IF app is turned on as well as the ForeFlight link. As you already know, make sure they are both on the same network. Start ForeFlight before IF. Once ForeFlight is open, open IF and start your flight. If the devices are on the same network, you will see your location in ForeFlight change to your location in IF. If it doesn’t, hit the menu button in the bottom right corner of ForeFlight and select devices. If IF isn’t there, than it’s not picking it up on your network. I recommend restarting both devices and your router and trying again. Give it a shot and let us know your results. If it works, great, if not, we can dive into it further.

Awesome. Thanks for the speedy reply. I will have to try this all out in a day or two and get back to you as I’m flying (IRL) from Boston to billings tomorrow (⅛). Once I’m setup there, I will give these recommendations a shot and get back to you with the results. Thanks again!

Hello again.

Just gave the recommendations a shot and still nothing. I’m really at a loss here… I really appreciate all the help, but got any other ideas. If it helps I do have discord if trying to do it live would help?


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