Connecting for ever

When i open and choose mu plane and airport i try to connect but i cant though a very good interent source … please help me

Are you using a VPN?

What device are you on? (brand and version please)


maybe try to screenshot your internet speedtest and put it here to find out if it’s very good or not.
I can’t see (never saw) other than the internet connection to be the cause.

no vpn im using an iphone 10

thats it all time

Does it happen when on cellular too?

One thing that has helped others is to change your WIFI DNS settings to use and as the DNS address.

here you go thats the internet

Im on cellular and doesnt work u saw the speed …

that is legit fast, my internet speed is only half of yours and I never experience your problem. hopefully someone will find out the solution for this then…

Thats true i dont know if i live in lebanon and doesnt work well …

Please help me out i payed and wanted to play … and this happened

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There aren’t any country blocks. Can you make sure there aren’t any available updates?

No updates im sure ive removed and re installed the app

Is your phone jailbroken or rooted?

Have you already tried spawning in another plane/location? (I am a lebanese too btw, but I live in Austria xD)

Never nope … its brand new

Ive put boeing 777-300 er and olba airport

Try another location and plane and see if that helps.

Will do so now please keep in touch

Could you go ahead and reset network settings and then try again? To do this,

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Scroll to bottom and hit reset
  4. Find network settings and click “Reset Network Settings”
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