Connecting Close Regions

Infinite flights goal is to create global flights but what better way to start that off with connecting regions that are really close together! Problems that face the large flights are some small bugs known to the IF staff.


  • North California to South (Los Angeles - San Fransico)
  • Colarado to California (Denvor - San Diego)
  • England to France (London Heathrow- Paris Charles De Gaulle)
  • Amsterdam to France (Paris Charles De Gaulle- Schiphol)
  • Amsterdam to England (Schipol - Bermingham)
  • Yes
  • No

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Any ideas of other IF close regions? Comment down ⏬


For starters Amsterdam/Paris/London combo has been discussed to death already. Don’t bring up that again-the forum finally got past that.

A combo Oshkosh/Chicago region would be nice. Would finally give a drive to fly in the Oshkosh region besides touch-and-goes to make it to Playground and Advanced. Also allows us to fly more realistic routes.


Advanced? You’re there already? 😮

Not even close

Boeing I do know that the England/France ect- has been discussed but it was an example not the main thread my friend.

Or, connecting Colorado to Washington?

Do look forward to flying in more new regions. That said, with the limited time and manpower of IF Dev team, I would really, really like to have the team give us a couple of connected or expanded regions in the immediate future so that we may put those bigger birds into more realistic routes ;-))

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Regions close will be example from Istanbul to Bakü, Berlin to Amsterdam, Roma to Madrid.

I live in Australia so would love to see a Melbourne region and Sydney to Melbourne routes or a Sydney to New Zealand leg would be cool.


I second @Stonedog idea for Australia to New Zealand flights 😊😊 I live in nz

How about Charlotte and South Florida?

What about Chicago and Oshkosh

Yeah. Chicago & Oshkosh WOULD make the most sense. They’re like already connected.


france to switzerland and luxembourg with a piece of Germany

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Max Sez… Just another Peanut Post! As @Boeing707 said search the archive first!
“if it quacks like a duck etc.”