Connecting Bug

I just spawned in at EHAM and I saw that the connection to the expert server was stuck on “connecting“. I then turned off WiFi and turned on LTE and that didn’t work either. Can somebody fix this?

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same w me - is flying through london airspace

I’m getting the same thing as well

same here!

Server is overloaded probably. I’m seeing planes as unknown.


it’s saying every single plane in london is a cessna 172

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Servers are down

I am currently en-route to LFPG, and I’m stuck on connecting, I turned off and on the wifi and saw traffic after 2 seconds and then it went away, but I am not disconnected…

Not down, overloaded. But yeah something is up

Same on my end. I had just requested pushback in Paris and then everyone just dropped.

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me too … idk why?

Guys, it’s for everyone, servers are currently down due to the amount of aircraft flying

Talk about a giant Update

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same with me, im crossing the atlantic ocean and everybody is turning into C172s


Me too I was about to make a topic about that it’s annoying

lmaoooo same 🤣🤣😂

Same as well 🤣🤣

ooo i think we’re back

I’m back to normals now

Yup ^. Connected now :)