Connected/disconnected issue

I’m still getting this issue. I connect, start controlling then a minute or so later everything appears to time out like I have connectivity issues. But I appear connected all the way through. Log sent.
Video below.

@matt for this one

I recently came accross another issue of being disconnected while i get a phonecall…earlier it used to go to a pause mode wer u could resume the sim after the call

When you have connection issues, can you send me a report of you connection?


I’ve also seen recently where a ground/tower is showing avaliable but when after it loads someone is there. I will log back out, restart, same thing again. I can hear both frequencies when this happens.

@KCCO_WestOne Agreed on this. Many a times this has happened to me too. Shows the frequency is available but when u log in you are an observer only. Happened to me on the atc playground server.

Ha, yeah, it was actually you I was ‘observing’ in Seattle today. It was weird.

Directly from the tablet at the time.

12 May 2015 21:15
Download - 62.43Mbps
Upload - 18.46Mbps
Ping 20ms
Server - Newbury - Vodafone.

I have this happen alot on my shield tab when Im controlling with around 2-3 meg up and one or two down over a hotspot with about a 58ms ping. Flashed a Blisspop 5.1.1 yesterday, curious to see if that changes my connection reliability, will report back with my findings.

This just happened to me recently. Except I was flying, no controlling.

Hi it’s happening to me now on 3g network sent log my connection was red I have tried reset x2 no luck :(

I also have this problem. Everytime I receive a call the sim fails to keep up. It freezes and closed automatically. I hope it gets fixed in the next release.

I’m having this issue right now! Any solutions?

see here :)