Connect London-Paris-Amsterdam maps

I’m sure that all who play on Infinite flight live want to do a “long” flight and not flights like KLAX-KSAN or other flight where you can’t flight at 35.000ft more than 5 minutes. Well, due to the proximity of London, Paris and Amsterdam maps, I propose to Infinite flight connect this maps on live. And if you connect that map more people will want to buy London or París maps. And also for aviation lovers do Real flights like LHR-EHAM with British Airways A320 or KLM B737-900. Thank you so much and happy landings.

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Already requested


Yeah this all Regions 🇳🇱🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧 are to close how Germany-Berlin,Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, München etc.

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This has already been suggested countless times. Larger regions are definitely in the pipeline but there is no time frame at this time.

In the future, be sure to post requests in the Features category :)