"Connect Live Has Stopped Working" during AutoNav

I will be using AutoNav with flight plan through Live Flight Connect Live. Near the end of the flight, I will get: “Connect Live Has Stopped Working” . Only happens in AutoNav, frequently. I close it and quickly reopen it to continue to use flight stick and keyboard through PC.
I have Nvidia tablet, HP PC, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.
ATT WiFi “Internet 12”, which is max 12Mbps download, 1.50 upload.
I max out on both, with latency 30-35ms.
No problem connecting at all.
Searched threads to no avail.

He is correct, Kevin.

AutoNav is available on LiveFlight Connect for Windows

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You should contact @Cameron for this problem.

This isn’t really an issue for IF - meaning it does not belong in #support. PM either @DavidCutler or @Cameron if the problem persists. In the mean time, try a regular restart and log in/log out, then turn your wifi on and off whilst at the same time ensuring you are on the same wifi. Then ensure you have IF Connect turn on in game

Alternatively you can contact them via their support email found on their site.