Connect issues with 23.1

Since 23.1 update landing lights (aircraft/0/systems/landing_lights_switch) and strobe lights (aircraft/0/systems/strobe_lights_switch) no longer work? Always comes back as false?

Also I believe new states have been added such as stall etc. Could this document be updated please: Connect API v2 States | Infinite Flight


Hi Luqman, this is a bug in 23.1 related to this:

We’re looking into a hotfix. Sorry for the inconvenience


We’ll update the state lists on the website at some point. The best way to explore these though is to either look at the manifest, or the new State Explorer we added for third party devs in 23.1 (you can access this via the SYSTEMS button in-flight, under the Misc submenu)

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Thanks but I dont see that under Systems > Misc. Only auto start, time ,auto brakes.
Do I need to change a setting?

I think it’s because your account isn’t linked in the app. You need to link your community forum account in settings → account (in the app), and it should sync your API group role

Let me know if that doesn’t work!

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Unfortunately same even after linking. ill DM you