Connect dualshock 4 wireless controller on android

Although there are several publications explaining this, I feel that there is still a lot of doubt as to how to connect an ontrol, in particular, I will explain how to connect the dualshock 4 wireless controller in android to use in IF.
In the next image I show you my control

As you can see it is a dualshock 4
The first thing you are going to do is on your android device go to bluetooth configuracones

and they will go to synchronize new device

then in the control they will press the next buttons

they will press the buttons until a light starts to flash very fast
and then in synchronize new device this has to appear

arriving at this point, what they are going to do is to link the control and then in IF they configure it to their liking.
Although this publication is not in tutorials because I can not publish there, I hope that this small tutorial helps many people.
I send a greeting and have happy flights with your dualshock 4

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