Connect API v2 Request Frequency Limits

Does anyone have any insight into what thresholds exist in terms of high-volume requests to the Connect v2 API? At what point will IF start struggling with requests, if any? In general, how quickly does IF handle each request and become ready to process the next?

These questions are driven by an app I’m working on where I can see the need to potentially make several hundred requests per second (250+) for different data points (not setting any values – just get requests). Am I going to get into trouble with these sorts of volumes? Will there be bottlenecks in the network, the IF device’s hardware, something else?


I’m able to request ~50 states every 2 seconds with no issue. I think I’ve run into issues requesting that many every… second? half second?

Do you need to request all 250 states every second? Are there lower-priority ones you could request less-often, and higher-priority ones you could do more often?

Thanks for the response. I think I’m going to need to do some experiments and derive average response times to state requests. The app I’m working on ideally will have a list of states it will just keep requesting in a loop as fast as it can so no real priorities – and I can see some edge cases wanting to get about 250 state requests a second (but they are edge cases to be fair).

If I can get there I’ll definitely post back on the results.

I’d be curious to hear what you find!

Can’t wait to see what you build :)