Connect API v2 Manifest

Hey all, I’ve managed to connect to the connect API and received the manifest, but as a matter of knowing when the manifest has finished being sent, is there a way to know either:

A. How many chunks there are.
B. That the sending of manifest chunks is over.



Note - I don’t know much about low level stuff like this so I could completely be wrong. Please correct me if I am wrong about something.

This is really quick off the top of my head, but since the API returns the ID (-1) then the length of the data (in bytes) you should be able to calculate how many buffers there will be given a max buffer size.

I has this issue previously and my solution was to wait for a certain string to be returned then call that the endpoint, which looking back on it is really NOT a good solution longterm as that data could easily change.

Gonna have to eat my hat on that one

I’d call this answer correct. You know the length of the data, and can keep track of how much you’ve read. When those numbers match, you’re at the end of the manifest.