Connect API - ATC Commands

Primary goal is to implement terminal control commands, then enroute control. Local control will come at a later date.

All commands will need some a way to send to a specific aircraft- maybe by using flight ID or user ID(not sure if duplicate callsigns are possible, so maybe not the best idea to use that). Not sure how it will work with runways either as those vary from field to field.

Note that these are only the most essential commands, others may not be immediately required for the initial release.

Terminal Control


-Heading and Altitude
-Continue As Filed
-Resume Own Navigation
-Hold over fix [left/right] turns

Speed Control

knots only
-Maintain speed [exact/greater than/less than]
-Speed at discretion
-Approach Speed [speed/distance]

Approach Commands

-Expect approach [type] + [runway] + [as filed/vectors]
-Report airport in sight
-Clear for approach
-Clear for approach [heading and altitude]


-Contact [freq XXX.XX]
-Frequency changed approved


-Follow instructions
-Stay on my frequency
-Altitude at discretion
-Expedite altitude change
-Disregard last message

Enroute Control

all of the above, except options for speeds in both knots and mach number.


-Amend FPL to include STAR
-Descend via star


I love this idea! I think this is an amazing idea and this would make an Idea I have for an app possible! I would love to see this in the sim.