I want this morning to congratulate all the members of the community who dedicate their work to the ATC, I have tried some times, I look for airports with little traffic. Tower and earth, but I simply panic when soon after I receive several communications at the same time …again congratulations to my colleagues at the ATC


You‘ll always get better when controlling at busy airports more often… :)

The best way to get better is practice!

Watching the official infinite flight atc YouTube videos won’t hurt either ;)


Thanks for the kind words!

No job or role starts ‘at the end’. You always start at the beginning, by understanding the theory and rules, control one frequency on a quiet airport, and work your way forward at a pace that suits you. The speed of progress is near irrelevant, as long as there is some.

As little humans we learn to walk, run, write, cycle, etc by trying and falling and trying again.
IFATC are not special people. They’ve just spent time aquiring a skill.

Give it a go! 😀


Good advice with beautiful parallels, face the fears and start as a baby when crawling! Thank you. .

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