Congratulations to The S92!

Congrats to Sikorsky and the S-92 program, they have passed 1.5 million flight hours this week!
The S-92 is a multi engined helicopter used for Oil and Gas, and SAR operations.
The S-92 is also becoming the newest Marine one, congrats To everyone who made this happened!


Now if anyone in infinite flight has 1,500,000 million hours then I’m impressed!

That such a great achievement!!


1’500’000 hours. Doesn’t actually sound that much, does it? Like ”oh yeah that’s maybe ten years or something, isn’t it?”

  • 1’500’000h / 24h = 62’500 days
  • 62’500d / 365d = 171 years

Not bad. In other words: If there would be only one flying S-92, that single chopper would have been operating since 1848.


I always get excited when you post on anything you have such interesting comments!


That’s a lot of math for this 😂


Aviation is just well applied math… 😉


Yes, it is

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Sikorskies are literally everywhere around Ireland, UK and Scandinavian regions. No wonder why their work is paying off. These are beautiful machines, serving for tens of years. Mainly serving as Lifeguards, their engines are powerful enough to force through the windy coastline. Congrats to the manufacturers. Congrats to the team. 👍


That is one kickin helicopter. Great job on getting 171 years worth of flight.

jesus christ

The US should get some. They sound like an awesome helicopter.

There’s a ton of S92s in the States

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Cool. Now all we need is some jumpjets and w-

oh yeah

I love these helicopters what an achievement !!

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Take into account that they aren’t commonly used at night, and are not always flying in the day, and it would have been flying since 1677.

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They fly 24hrs a day every day let’s not forget about that


Brilliant math, but according to Wikipedia, the S92 have only been around since 2004… 🤯

Lucky they built more than one 😉
Anyone been able to discover how many were ever sold?

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