Congratulations on the map and updates.

I want to compliment and say the map was very good in this update.
Yes I know I’m critical and I have no problem fighting when something is wrong.
For a long time the map in Brazil was a rubbish the colors did not look like a real country but something of the wizard of Oz. But I returned to Brazil on my dear A380 and what a pleasant surprise.
The mountains the colors and the feel of houses and other things below you.
Congratulations to the IF team that redid this map and the person who redid the Santos Dumont SBRJ airport there was a rock that very bothered in landings I came back to all that and everything was perfect.
And my A380 with the cockpit closed.


You mean the scenery?

The IF Devs put in a lot of hard work and effort, and thanks to that, we now have HD scenery across the whole globe!

(Well, except Antarctica)


I can certainly agree that the developers have done a great job with the global scenery and it was yet expected to be finished at some point. 👍

But have this in mind that there isn’t really a solid reason to post a new topic. You can share your opinions in the official post the staff made themselves.

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Has the inflight map been redone? Like is there no more KSAN in the ocean?

@Philippe_Gilbert as of the map, he means the scenery. Please read the topic. 😉

Yes in my country MAP is the globe the scenery and everything else in it. I mean everything was excellent. I also want to say that the Airbus with the new dashboard made it even more enjoyable to use the IF. I was quitting but came back because of all this.

I had to create this topic because I am praising several steps and as I don’t know who did what I did so it includes all map, plane, airport etc etc.

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