Congratulations I.F. Team

What do you mean, partition?
It is a simple system where in a single platform everything works, as an option I can use both windows and emulator to surf the internet. But I did not understand what you said

Yes thats what it is…it’s more technical terms I used. Partition means you partitioning up drive for each OS. I thought you were running mac os aswell along side windows…anyways for emulating purpose you don’t need that. Just forget what I said ;)

I know technical terms.
In my Country MAC is used in last resort if there is no more a windows computer. I have a MAC and I confess I have never used it. So I emulated the I.F. in windows 7 I use Bluestack because it is the most reliable for this purpose. In MAC I do not recommend emulating the infinite. But if you try you can search the my email ok. see you again in the sky of the infinite. Air France 958.

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