Congratulations I.F. Team

They know that I am critical and annoying but when it deserves, it should receive the congratulations.
I want to congratulate those who made the Saint Helena airport. I just landed at FSHS and it was difficult but interesting as the track is in real life. I recommend everyone to make a stop at FSHS. (real life Leaving Brazil by Recife SBRF or Luanda FNLU). Use the Embraer E195 in real life or A318. Or some of your choice but get ready is an interesting landing.
Congratulations to the infinite flight team and the one who designed the FSHS.


Great job airport editing team!

Also, how did you cast your phone screen to your computer?

It is Android emulator for PC called Bluestack.


Oh. Do they have something like that for IOS?

Dang. That stinks.

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If you have mac pc, yes.

Bluestack is available on windows and mac

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That could be funny if you needed to install Windows to your Mac to install Android Emulator 😂

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You can get one of those Lightning to HDMI or Lightning to USB-C cables to connect your iOS device with a Monitor of your choice that has a HDMI or USB-C input :)

Pretty sure you can find them for a good price on Amazon.


I was trying bluestack on mac but it crashes every time I start flight :(

Or an OTG cable!

@Captain_JR Connecting via cable is gonna act as secondary monitor. You can’t control.

I know that. @Mattheus never said he wanted to control via his PC, as he only mentioned the word “Cast” and which case a cable is all he needs.

For more than two years I’ve seen this discussion about working on the PC or not. Of that I’m tired. In a short way I will respond FUNCTION I just did the flight of 1000 number being all in PC never used cell phone.
number 1000


In this post I am praising the infinite team let’s focus on it ok.
The airport that I will visit now will be on the Himalayas mountain. I really want to see this complex airport that exists in the real world.

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I think it works for both

Well done mate! End of the day as long is legit emulators why ppl bothered how you fly. Whats your current PC spech?

I have several but this project I wanted something simple and old to see how much Infinite would be functional. Athlon X2 with 3.40 6G W7 64. Now I will use a better PC because I already stabilized the system this is a big problem for those who want to emulate and this is the cause of the problems.

Tbh those specs are very old. But it shows you don’t need top of the range pc for good infinite flight experience

This is the intent. If infinite is good it would have to run on an old PC. If you start from the top down you will never know what is good or minimum needed. Now I can help and affirm and ensure that yes it runs and very well. And I guarantee it is light if you observe that while I am flying I use parallel programs.

Ok so you use parallel OS on another partition. Good stuff