Congratulations FDS!

I’m baffled by how great this update is. Right now I’m flying from New York to Los Angeles and I feel so immersed in the game, the fuel consumption and current time options for sure help that feeling. ETA 3 hours :)

Global will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4?

Check here for what is and isn’t comparable Minimum device requirements

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Here are some system requirements. Global update on short final Check them and see if they go with your device.

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For everyone wondering how the servers are overloaded or what’s actually happening, I overlaid the Casual, Training, and Expert servers into one (kind of blurry) photo. This should maybe show the scale of what’s going on out there…


Don’t forget all those trying to join stuck on the loading screen.


And Android as well. Sadly, I’m one of those stuck in the loading screen.

My Android version is 5.0.1 I think it should work

Wow that sucks considering you guys don’t even have Global yet.


No, I have it, I just can’t actually fly :/

Just casually waiting for global to come out… For Android…


Lol that’s funny. But please don’t post gifs as they take up lots of space on the community. And we don’t want the community to be stuck on a loading screen just like IF.


A job well done I say thanks to the community and staff for all the hard work for almost a year.You guys make my day.

I must say, this rollout was equivalent to black friday at Walmart. All staff, moderators, and other helpful people on IFC pulled together to keep it under control and remain professional. Today may have been the most stressful step of this process on their end and i’d have to say it was a huge success! Awesome job everyone, awesome job!


Wow so amazing imagine what it will look like when android users get on. I am currently cruising at 31,000 feet departed JFK heading to PAP Haiti I have about an 1 hour and 40 minutes left

Congrats to Flying Development Studio! I am so happy that I stuck with Infinite Flight as my main Mobile Simulator. I never thought that they would actually implement the whole globe, and now I can finally fly out of my home airport (KMHT) Without having to buy those expensive PC Simulators and add Scenery data.

Thanks again FDS!

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Just departed on my first flight and I feel like I’m dreaming…This is amazing!


Exactly why I have an I-Phone 7+, and the Galaxy S8. I planned this out perfectly months ago.

All that hard work paid off!!! CONGRATS FDS!!!

I’m doing a DEN-DFW flight with a fellow FVA pilot in ten minutes to help celebrate.
What are your ways of celebrating the release of global?