Congrats to the Sikorsky King Stallion team!

Huge congrats to Sikorsky and the CH-53K program. They just hit 500 flight hours with helicopter K4!

The CH-53K is the upgraded version of the CH-53Es. This weekend K-4 flew its 500th hour during the ALE-47 chaff flare testing !


Nice. My Uncle Kendric was a Marine (yes, the one that lost his M16/AR15 during Hurricane Katrina, I think I’ve talked about this before) from 1994 to 1998. He was a arial observer/tail gunner on the CH-53E in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two of them flew extremely low during the Blue Angles air show during the National Flight Academy in Summer of 2018 (I’ve also posted about this) at NAS Pensacola when I was there. I was on crutches so I didn’t get a picture. This is an awesome aircraft!

My Uncle Kendric also took me to see Marine 1 at the Port of New Orleans a couple months ago when Trump was there.

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HE LOST AN M16… He needs to explain this the base must of been going … well uhmm crazy

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It was his personally owned. You aren’t allowed to bring your standard issued rifle out of the armory/barracks without special permission. I said M16 because fully automatic M4-style firearms are considered M16s after this ban.

Ah I thought you meant a Military M16. Never mind

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