Congrats to the Osprey Program

Congrats to Bell Flight and The Boeing Company, who announced today that the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor fleet has surpassed 500,000 flight hours. This trio of MV-22 Ospreys was photographed by Skip Robinson.


Never thought I’d see a Helicopter Dash 8 but here we are.


This aircraft caused a lot of controversy in Okinawa

Its a… heliplane? xD

Really nice photo that they took, and cool aircraft!

It’s a tilt rotor, so it takes off, lands and hovers like a helicopter and can sling load
In forward flight it can tilt its rotors to fly like an airplane

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Yep, I know an Osprey guy as cool as they are I would never fly in one

Flying deathtrap is all i will say.

What happened in Okinawa?

A really bad few crashes

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