Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes

Yes you want to play realistically, but equally there are people out there who don’t know how to read a SID or STAR.

Equally as was hinted further up, IFATC do not always behave in a realistic manner. Why? Because the volume of traffic on IF and skill level isn’t realistic either. So a balance must be struck, a balance which on the whole I believe IFATC nail.

Heck, at busy airports an approach controller rarely gives radar vectors as is seen on the expert server, that’s why STARs and holding procedures exist! But the lowest common denominator needs to be accounted for.

If people were ghosted at the drop of a hat then they will just get bored and unsubscribe because it ruins their fun.


The part with the fighter got me 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


I don’t know if there is a reasonable way to implement checking for turns at excessive speeds. There can’t really be that 20 second warning and too many false positives (like rushing an immediate takeoff clearance)

I just check the ATC manual. The official IF rule for a straight out departure is to fly runway heading until no conflict exist and until the altitude specified by tower if any. It has nothing to do with the cone.

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Okay my current list of things not to do.

Exit runway, expedite traffic on final does not mean, take a liesurely drive down to the next exit at 17kts. Put your foot on the gas an haul your gluteus maximus off the runway, then contact ground, not before. Okay that’s two things. Don’t contact ground until you off. You switch and I can ghost you but I really really don’t want to.

You are number 2 or more for landing. The aircraft is doing 135kts ground speed, you are doing 240kts ground speed, guess what comes next. A lengthy tour of downwind again. Try to match within 10-20kts the plane in front. Provided they do what I showed in the first aircraft, you won’t waste everyone’s time including your own working on patterns at a busy airport. And yes sometimes, you can’t but try please, all we are asking. If they are doing some rediculous number like 104, we will ask them to speed up. 30kts headwinds will deserve some flexibility. Failure to maintain separation would be the reason to be ghosted but like I said before we don’t want to, we want you and everyone to have fun.


Even an accident? Will they forgive u if u say Im sorry if its really an accident?

Well, that does depend. If it’s just a short contact with your wing or the controller doesn’t notice you’ll not get ghosted. But if you’re taxiing rolling through another aircraft, and it’s seen, that is ghostable equally whether it’s done on purpose or not as far as I am aware. I would also be really difficult to determine what is done on purpose and what isn’t in my opinion.

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If you accidentally didn’t follow instructions given, and you aligned with wrong runway or you went to the wrong heading it happens to the best of us, yes even your controllers. No we don’t, we will give it to you again but if you don’t immediately correct, we will believe you are deciding to fly without listening and we will likely send you back. Again we don’t want to ghost you, we want you to have fun. Hope my and Julian’s response helped.


The amount of times I just changed their runway to avoid giving ghosts

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Even though I have been in expert before it helps. I just want to get back after leaving my long haul and coming back to see I’m over speed.

Something new that I have been noticing.

Unless you receive the instruction to contact tower you should not do so. Until you have intercepted the localizer or have been cleared for the visual we will not hand you off in case we have to give you missed approach instructions due to you missing your intercept or an aircraft next to you is causing a conflict that we will need expiditously correct. Mind you this will likely not happen since we intercept you both with 1000 feet of clearance so it will likely be that you will miss the intercept and we will then give you missed approach instructions.

If you want to leave the frequency and shift over to tower, you can request frequency change. We will then either issue the switch to tower, frequency change approved, or stay on my frequency. Please don’t though unless the following are true, we are busy and will as soon as possible.

You should not request that though unless above 10000 and leaving the airspace and you have no aircraft around you, you have intercepted the localizer and are descending, or you have been cleared for the visual approach.


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