Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes

What speed should I fly in at that does not make the controller’s work load harder?

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Between FL 120 and 110 AGL target 280kts. With spoilers and sometimes without, that will give you enough time to slow to 250kts by 10000 MSL using a descent rate of 1000fpm. This makes it easy for you and control as it will limit your time descending to approach altitudes.

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Thank you for your answer @Adam_Macaulay I have book marked your answer and I will use your advice whenever I’m on approach to a controlled airspace

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Three new ones for the entry that equal some flying time back on the training server.

When denied entry by tower, don’t try to insert yourself into the pattern and think you’ll land, you won’t and you’ll be landing all by yourself in ghostworld. Movie coming to a theater near you.

Tower and ground takes over the field, nicely tells you to taxi to a runway you were not going to, you say I want to taxi where I want, they say no taxi to the new runway. You ignore and continue, they say, make a 180, and taxi to the right runway, you switch to tower frequency because you will have it your way. Well your way is pretty lonely.

And last but not least, tower says I’ll call your base because you already messed up the sequence once and had to go around, but you turn base anyway, I think you know what will happen next.

Pay attention to instructions, please, it really really really sucks to have to report you, so please follow instructions so that we can get you in, out, and around traffic at the airport.

Happy flying


Happy birthday!!! @Adam_Macaulay 🎉🎉🎉


And then the Langoliers will get you. You don’t want that.



In the real world, by not doing what ATC requested and doing something else because of a safety reason, is this allowed?

Also, what about if you’re landing and you have to reply to tower but you’re busy. What’s the deal with that. Agitate, navigate, communicate. In the real world, don’t answer ATC straight away if you’re busy flying the airplane

Is this the same concept for infinite flight?

Agitating IFATC will not go well for you. I know what you meant to say though.

If you can’t do what ATC tells you to do for a genuine reason, you can just reply with “unable”. That’s what it’s there for.

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Well yes, if approach tells you to increase your speed to Mach 2 or to descend to 500 feet and fly straight into a mountain, say unable. Don’t however say unable because you want to cut in front of the 50 people patiently waiting during an FNF and don’t want to be vectored to the back of the line.
If you say unable for a genuine reason, and you do get ghosted it will be reversed. However, due to the standards of IFATC that is highly unlikely.

That would also apply in IF. As a pilot, the safety of your aircraft is your first priority, so by all means if you can’t tell ATC your intentions straight away, then don’t and tell them when you’re able to


Omg omg omg. I meant Aviate. Sorry. Auto correct!!!


Oh that’s just painful.

Not sure if it was mentioned above, but pilots calling in “Inbound on the ILS/VIS/GPS” when there is no approach is extremely agitating also.

Won’t equal a report, but definitely will have us keeping an eye on you. The proper procedure is to say, inbound for landing with atis that has actually been listened to.


To add, if approach or departure gives an altitude stick to it. We are doing so because we need you there to avoid other inbound or outbound aircraft and terrain. We plan and apply this early so don’t be surprised if after takeoff we give you a max altitude to hold at. Like in real life you will get higher likely within 10 minutes. If you think because you change frequencies and then proceed to not listen you won’t get that cherished training server time you want so badly think again, we will oblige you. We work hard to know the charts, know the airport, and see the conflicts, so be kind to us and listen, we want you to have fun too just like the others around you.


This has been happening to me at random airports. So if I am inbound to an active IFATC airport and my plane’s auto pilot happens to miss waypoint and try to catch it again and go in circles will I be ghosted because I’m in the way?

This depends on what altitude you are at if you are not talking to ATC, but if you are talking to ATC you should disregard your flight plan. If you are circling the airport not talking to anyone at 20,000ft for example, you will be fine.


Imho, I believe these rules aren’t enforced enough (maybe a bit too lenient). I fly expert server regularly and people still get away with pulling things off like turning right after takeoff even if ATIS has stated “straight out departures only” and ATC has not given an altitude command regarding this maneuver. Plenty of people don’t know what spacing is, people still taxi across grass, and people still don’t know they shouldn’t make 90 degree turns at 35kts. This is commonplace still in the expert server, and I believe the only way to truly enforce these rules is to just have ATC straight up ghost them for a week for doing any of this stuff. ATC might be a little too friendly in most cases, and I really do hope grievers who pull off this stuff be plucked out from the expert server, have their records stained with a ghosting and stay in training server where they belong instead of ruining the fun for serious fliers.


I agree with this - I see far too many people on Expert getting away with doing things they shouldn’t be allowed to do.


I’m pretty sure there is a policy that ATC does not ghost anyone for anything that is usually a violation. Also I’m pretty sure instant ghosts are only for situations that cause conflict with other aircraft. Otherwise you’d just be worried about getting ghosted when dropping your phone under ATC control.

If tower does not tell aircraft the minimum altitude to turn, does the ATIS even mean anything?

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Well looks like “traversing a turn at 35kts” needs to be made a violation then. The expert server still has too much leeway when it comes to enforcing realism, and those that don’t play realistically, shouldn’t be on expert server anyways. Plus you shouldn’t be playing IF in a scenario where you could drop your phone, maybe be a bit more careful?

Yeah, it means to fly a straight out departure until the ILS cone as to not obstruct airborne traffic.

If you don’t care about realism on the expert server then that’s just your opinion and I respect that. However, some others (me included) do find the value in upholding realism, especially on expert server, and my point stands that it’s not enforced enough on expert server.

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