Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes

  1. Violations will kill you, so keep your speed in check in the air and on the ground. When descending, note that speeds will increase for aircraft like the DC10 below 10000 feet.

  2. Listen and follow immediately, ALL ATC commands.

  3. Don’t call into approach at 24000 feet. If you do, you will be given hold instructions. Descend to the altitude instructed while in or entering the hold. Do not deviate from the instructions given. 230kts is 230kts indicated airspeed (IAS). Headings must be followed to get to the hold. When in the hold turn direction given, right or left. If you break any of that, back to training you will go. With all this said, at what altitude should you contact approach at? 11,000 feet AGL if coming from the west, 12,000 feet AGL if coming from the east. 50nm out, speed 280 (IAS) or less. Can’t tell you how many will call doing 450kts, we will vector you away immediately so that you can have time to slow the big beast you are flying down.

  4. If you get instructions from Departure or Approach during departure, follow those instructions, no use of unable will be allowed, follow the instructions given. Did you accidentally hit unable button, I’ve done it myself, just issue a Correction/Disregard or say I’m sorry while you execute the ATC instructions. Mistakes do happen. So when is unable allowed, you are going to hit an aircraft, you stall and need to recover, or you are about to face plant into a mountain. Reset immediately and get back on the course and speed given. We pay attention and will not report you if we detect those things we will appreciate your help. Please don’t say “Your welcome” after correcting your mistake, this will taken as rude and well, would you be willing to sit there and deal with a rude pilot anymore? “Your welcome” is used after someone says thank you.

  5. When in the map shown controlled airspace, in real life, 250 kts is a maximum but keep it to 210, pretty please. Below 8000 agl and inside the airport rings, fly at a maximum of 210 kts IAS unless instructed otherwise. That includes when you takeoff. Do this and you maintain spacing with the aircraft in front of you and have less chance of being reported for getting to close to another aircraft.

  6. If you call into approach at a speed greater than 600kts in a Commercial Jet or 800kts in a Fighter, back to training you will go.

  7. Learn how to intercept an ILS, use approach mode, it will help. You won’t be reported for not being able to, but a spotlight will be placed on you and we will notice everything wrong you do.

  8. Go around, means stop your descent, and turn the direction given. Published instrument Missed Approach Procedures should not have to be followed, ATC approach and tower will give you instructions to keep you safe, listen and act quick. Nothing like waiting 10 seconds and witnessing a crash close up at Luka. By the way if that happens you will be laughed at by other pilots and controllers, sorry, but it’s like falling on the ice, you just can’t help but chuckle.

  9. Straight out – means follow the cone until at least 9nm and/or the altitude given. Turning before that will lead to you getting more practice on the training server.

  10. If you are denied entry into an airspace, suck it up, turn the heading given and altitude given. Leave the airspace, land somewhere else. You won’t get a warning if you ask again, leave immediately.

  11. Low on fuel, understood, we will try to get you in, but it is not our fault you have low fuel. Better for you consider landing at a closer airport than to feel stressed that you won’t make it. For the most part we will give you priority, but if we can’t, we can’t.

  12. Flipping on the runway is a violation, you will spend some time on training server. So if you can’t handle the aircraft, practice on Casual first, until you have it down, then bring your talents to expert.

  13. Asking for the same things more than once, will be considered spamming. You want an altitude and you aren’t given that, tough, there a great reason why not, follow the instructions and you’ll get down in no time. Same applies to requesting a frequency change, once is enough. If we are going to, we’ll give it to you immediately, if not then you will get a stay on my frequency or no response. Don’t ask again. And please stop changing to tower when you would like, you won’t be handed off until we know you have intercepted and/or on the localizer or have the airport in site. By the way, you won’t have the airport in site until you are 12nm away from the airport so stop claiming you are, you won’t be released. Do you think approach forgot about you, where are you, have you been vectored and are now more than 50nm away from the airport, then you probably were, but if not, don’t ask again, they will get to you when they can. The same applies to tower controlling takeoffs, we go in order so you may have picked an intersection departure but if you were number 12 back, guess what, you will be number 12 for departure.

  14. Terminals and Grass are not taxiways, use them, and lose your access to Expert. Of course a runway is a runway, dirt, grass, concrete, they are not taxiways either, so if crossing get on and get off quick.

  15. Aircraft are not to be touched by you. Clips wings, see ya. Go right through the center of the aircraft, enjoy the training server. By the way this includes running into an aircraft from behind, leave 1 plane length between you and them and you will never run into them.

  16. Listen to ATC, they know what they are doing, this isn’t training server. They are trained heavily, passing a number of tests which are very hard. I’m going to guess the pass rate is around 2.5 times or higher that they have to take the test to finally make it. What does this mean, they will both get you out and in as quickly as possible and correctly too. They are also monitored by supervisors so they take great care to do it right.

  17. In Real Life (IRL) is great when you have the same number of aircraft as in IRL but guess what, managing 70 inbound in 20 minutes to an airport isn’t IRL, 4 per runway is, so get the point we are going to have to divert you accordingly.

  18. Pay attention to ATIS. Nothing sucks more than an aircraft asking for a runway not in use or in a different direction, it puts a spotlight on you and you will be watched.

  19. On downwind, base, straight in, you contact tower and they say enter x, number 2 traffic to follow is on blank. You see and decide but I am midfield I can make that base turn earlier and get in first, this controller sucks. You then execute your turn and see a red message, the dreaded red message. Oh well training server perhaps will give you the practice to follow instructions. Sequence is there to insure separation and time to allow departures too. You cutting in line leads to a whole slew of resets we have to do and when it’s busy, oh sugar honey ice tea. So just stick to the sequence given and if given continue inbound or no sequence do your thing we are paying attention and will set your order if need be. Oh and enter the wrong side of a pattern entry, right versus left, it’s cool, even we make that mistake just watch out for the mountain on the side we told you not be on. You might get a check help pages, acknowledge your mistake by offering an I’m sorry but for God sake, don’t say your welcome in response to a CHP, that will definitely give you more practice time one server lower.

  20. Enjoy Expert, simply Listen and Follow Instructions , Pay Attention to your aircraft and others , and you will have a great time. When under ATC control or ascending or descending to an altitude are not great times to make dinner, play with your siblings, or do your homework or honey dos. We love seeing you and love flying with you, so please use the community to learn. Where else will learn how to do a mid-air refueling (so much fun).

I’ll stop there, there are many other things to look for and I’m sure others will comment on those, so learn from each other and you’ll be rockin a 500,000 xp in no time.


Wise words Adam


Hahahahaha. Golden.


Thank you for this. Hopefully new players read this. ES needs to get cleaned up. It’s not what it use to be. :(


Great talking points, Adam. Hopefully new expert server goers will see this topic and know what to expect and do once they get access to the new server.


I don’t understand the part where you said you don’t have to follow missed approach instructions… Can you just continue on final even if the controller says to execute missed approach?


As in approach plates, which contain instructions for executing MAs. Adam is telling you that when you receive an MA command, you turn the direction given. You are not required to follow that little diagram on the plate that you may or may not have been using.

Great post @Adam_Macaulay, definitely needed. :)


Missed approach procedures are part of the approach plates. STARs are just routes that bring you to the approach.


Loved this post wish I had it when I got to grade 3!


I wish this post was invented when I came onto Expert and the IFC, I’ll admit I was guilty of some of these things when I started on Expert. Such wise words @Adam_Macaulay. This should be pinned so new players have a higher chance of seeing this—so they follow directions.


Good tips for pilots, but you are sounding wayy to threatening on a lot of these.
Also IIRC the 200kts is for being underneath class bravo and not inside.


Tutorial level stuff here.


That is really great! If i only had this post when i started flying on Expert


Pin this please mods lmao, I’m gonna need this when I get on to expert.


I’ve been flying on expert for a wee while now, and to be honest, I actually learnt a few things with this post! Thanks for posting!


Same here, great post!


I really wish that these tips can show up for pilots in IF. The people that need to see this are unlikely to ever come to the IFC.

Almost like a “random rotator” at the bottom of loading screen with these messages.


I think this should be pinned. New pilots need to see this


You should make this a feature request


LONG. great words thow especially as I am ably about 10,000xp away from grade 3. This helps. Thanks :D