Congrats BA on delivery of their A350-1000

Are these your photos? If not, please give credit to those who took them.

@Altaria55 did you read the post

Literally says it right there chap.

It was edited guys. @Altaria55 no need to be the police though, just pm if you’re really concerned about the source.

Did you see? The plane went to maintenance due to the broke the flaps on go around !! During one of its flights

That was on a different day!

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Sadly just the -1000, so we won’t be seeing it anytime soon on IF

I flew on the BA 787 to Seychelles, and a lot of people had complained about it before. Now I’m about 5’7, and I thought it was actually really comfortable (in both WT and WT+). The A350 seats look very similar to the new B772 seats, (which I’ll be flying on this winter), and look quite good imo. I think it’s just a shame that BA is operating the A350 on routes that already have newer aircraft flying them. I think it would be much better placed at Gatwick instead of some of the ancient 777s flying from there.

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