Congrats BA on delivery of their A350-1000

British airways had there first a350-1000 delivered on the 2019-07-27T13:14:00Z
Registration : G-XWBA
Aircraft : A350-1000




Was watching this live of big jet TV, i guess it was the only aircraft that day that came in on the L runway after all arrivals were on R prior. a lot of people were pretty upset about it apparently


That’s just sad if that happened

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What typo @Q-ENAN

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@Q-ENAN that was @Nathan who corrected it I’m dyslexic and spell check does point out grammar issues

Nice aircraft

I’m surprised BA’s first A350 is the -1000. Do you know if they have any -900’s on order or just the -1000?

He already put the source at the bottom of his post

When he first posted he didn’t have source.

I am glad seeing a new aircraft in BA’s fleet. I also saw a YouTube video about it yesterday.


They have only ordered the 1000 as the 900 would have been the same size as the 787-10 so not necessary.

That last pic tho

I saw that exact same video!

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Yep, not too long ago, BA has also hit with another video! That’s how BA respects us fellow AV Geeks!


I was wondering if BA made as much noise when they had the dreamliners delivered. I honestly do not remember the 787s receive as much promotion as the A350s do right now.


Congrats BA! Very nice plane! Would love to see the -1000 come to IF one day ;)

They didn’t. The same with Virgin Atlantic. The A350 is a game changer, the B787 is probably one of the worst BA long haul aircraft for comfort with the tight pitch.

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That’s BAs fault for cramming in the seats. Airlines in the US have been doing the same with their new planes, which is part of the reason why I.e. American Airlines 737 max has bad reviews in that area.

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Exactly. Delta is the only decent airline, clearly investing, not cost cutting. Hopefully this is where things change for BA and Virgin.


They’ve also proven that it works, and they can charge a little bit more by investing in customer service because it brings back customers who are willing to pay extra to stick with the airline. Other airlines should take notice.

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