Congonhas to Santos dumont


Join me for the group flight!!

AIrcraft we’ll use

No assigned gates at this flight, Just spawn in at an open gate. I ask that when you arrive at Santos Dumont, Please don’t stay there forever please so that other aircraft can park their :)

Congonhas Tower:
Congonhas Ground:

Santos dumont Tower
Santos Dumont Ground
Santos Dumont App

If you need to go around several times, Feel free to. Don’t worry about it


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@Henriquesodre and @princeakatsuki and @bbb_aviation, It looks like you guys are going still, Right?. I know BBB is interested

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Yea! it’s been a while since I flew the Ponte Aérea São Paulo-Rio

Ok, Just making sure people are still coming

I’m still considering joining, depends if I have time.

Ok, Thats good!

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Im going! @joaonoaviao is going too

Ok!, Thanks for letting me knwo

what will the server be?

hi, if it’s on the training server I’ll stay atc

Ok!, that’s fine.

Sadly i might not be there😭

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