Congestion at NZAA

Hey IF staff, would just like you to be aware of the over congestion present at NZAA. Have been flying aimlessly over airport for the past 1 and a half hours now. Lack of a second approach frequency, may have also caused delays. Pls help


Im sure our staff our aware of the congestion. Their trying their best to get everyone safe and sound to the ground. Sometimes delays are part of that.


Keep in mind you can always divert it you’re low on fuel too! I’m sure IFATC is trying their best but sometimes it can be overloaded


Also keep in mind that NZAA has just one runway, with the popularity that it has at the moment things are going to take some time. If you look at the ground you can see a long lineup, ATC has to get departures out also so be patient and you will land soon. Just keep in mind the controllers are doing the best they can in a busy day like today.


Thanks @Sashaz55 @Kevinsoto1502 and @snoman,you guys really replied quickly


Nice to see you all try and help solve this problem

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Maybe IF should have a Traffic flow management system for this situation. Otherwise, the controller have to face the abnormal workload.

The traffic management system is basically handled by IFATC Approach controllers. They direct them around the airport creating one or more long ‘conga lines’ of traffic.

The option to divert is the discretion of the controller.

The only time diverts have been because of the controllers choice is if they don’t think you have enough fuel, or at the Berlin event, where aircraft inbound to Berlin Tegel had to be directed off to Berlin Schonefeld.

We do everything in our power if it’s busy to flow traffic like if it’s setting up another approach freq for initial to flow traffic. Keep in mind we are all volunteers and can’t all control when it is most needed.

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please keep in mind that NZAA is not by any means a large airport, and so it has its limitations in traffic capacity. feel free to divert if you’re low on fuel :)

Agree, what I said is the imbalance between the ‘need’ and ‘demand’. So when I mention traffic management, I mean IF can develop a appointment system for ES server, so controller can arrange these flight required inES server.

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