Confusion With ATC on Expert Server

Today, I was about to start a flight on the expert server, from Dublin to London. I was told by the ground ATC controller to go to Runway 34, I proceeded and when I contacted the contoller, he first said hold short 34, so I did, following that he said line up and wait runway 28. I was confused so I sent “correction stand by” and then proceeded to send my request for 34 again. He cleared me for 28, after I was already on the runway. I didn’t know what to do thinking that he must be making a mistake, and I took off, because he already told me to come on here for assistance?! I think this controller was either not paying attention or this might be my fault. I am not sure, please reply!

I then proceeded to get ghosted, because of this confusion. Please help me out!

Stand by. Aren’t those runways right next to each other?

Do you have screenshots of the dialogue?

Get a screenshot of your ATC log if you can

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He pretty much was telling you to line up and wait on 28… So as the runways are overlapping, you can just cross the runway to get on 28.

Is it possible, to see the log after it already kicked me off the server?

Looks like the controller might have been confused due to the close proximity

Click in the ATC tab(if thats an option), then screenshot what he said

No. The controller wanted this plane on Runway 28… Since he failed to listen to instructions, he was ghosted…

Next time, listen to commands! :)

If you know who the controller is, you can just PM him/her and just explain that it was a huge mixup!

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If ground told you to go to 34 it’s just confusing for tower tell you to lineup 28. It’s 2 different runways. It’s barely even possible

Pm @Julius97 as he s most likely your controller(liveflight stalking)

He was listening to commands, @Balloonchaser. He just got confused. I don’t think he should be ghosted for this because I’d be confused too

Please just PM the IFATC controller, @CaptAC

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How to shut down speculation 👆😁