Confusion on tarmac

I was trying to do a flight from SAWH to SAEZ my gate was available, I was on a b767 and they restricted me my plane was to large plz explain

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It was probably a mistake. If in doubt you can always ask the controller :)

did ATIS say anything?

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Max allowed at SAWH is B739/A321. B767 is big for that airport. It’s not a mistake.


I don’t think a 767 operates out of there so that may be why. Let me check

Update: There are only 738 and A320 and smaller

Hello Luis

I was your controller.

B767 is too big for that airport. Atis said size restrictions in effect. The maximum size allowed there is an A321 or B739.

Good day.


Are there ways you can tell size restrictions before loading into an actively controlled airport? Without researching the airport first?

By checking the terminal procedures or by looking at ATIS.

Go to an app such as FR24… find a route you want to fly along with the airline who flies it.

Unlikely you will encounter a problem that way 😊


That is false, SAWH is capable of handling aircraft up the to 747-400.
Aerolíneas Argentinas has historically flown 747s and A340s into Ushuaia


“Ushuaia International Airport can accommodate airplanes as large as the Boeing 747.”


I was at the airport too. My A320 could drive on the taxiway behind you without hitting you but it was really really close :)

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