Confusion of this one

I don’t understand that does it mean that all Android players can’t get Open beta test because of the late release? I am so sad😥


To be honest, with an Release in a couple days, why is it so hard to just wait until the full Update comes?


Please see the #open-beta category for more info. The staff have discussed this.

It just means there not accepting new members. If your already in the category. Your good. Just wait a bit for the Android link

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If they add or they don’t add people, don’t be sad the update is super… close, couple of nights and we have a Christmas present!

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Really wanna to try it soon as possible

You are TL2 you have access to it lol

Yes you can try once you get the link or once it’s released.

I am Android 😭😭😭

It means what it says: At the moment, there aren’t any new testers being added to the beta programme. Let’s keep an eye out for further information from the development team; they’ll let us know once there is more information available 😊