Confusion between pilot and ATC

Hello, good day! I am currently an IFATC specialist and I enjoy controlling on the expert server. However, I have been noticing issues with pilots communicating with ATC and would love to discuss it on the community forum so we, as pilots and controllers, can avoid confusion!

I frequently notice when pilots get handed over from radar to tower, they do not call inbound for landing, but rather request landing, they sometimes don’t even request a runway, even after being cleared for an ILS, GPS, or visual approach.
You don’t need to request a runway after being cleared by approach, just call inbound on ILS, GPS, or visual. Especially since visual approaches need a sequence, I can do it more effectively if you announce rather than just call inbound without the type of approach and what runway.

Another thing I notice is when some pilots get handed over, they don’t call inbound…until they’re on a short final, prompting me to ask for intentions. This adds more work for controllers and is even worse if they’re aligned with the wrong runway. So please, call inbound earlier! :)
One final thought: Planes on ground do not need to request frequency change after they land or when they’re told to contact tower in the taxi command.

This is just something I notice more and more often when controlling on the expert server.
Thanks for your time today, I hope to see you in the skies soon!


The plane card on your display should say what they are inbound on after contact with Approach or Center. :)


Gee i did not know that, thanks!

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You can also check chat logs

👍 but it’s more work especially if busy

Personally I prefer chat logs more since the strips are not always in the best order (if there’s a lot of strips it can be hard to find), and I basically just check before/while in the process of clearing. Also, in some corner cut situations, the strips can give the wrong approach which is really annoying. But some others like the strips more so there’s no issue with that, it’s just personal preference

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That is one of the reasons I’ve created this chart


@J-F_V They should include this in the ATC manual. Nice work!

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Maybe someone will see this and … 🤞

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I most certainly hope so…the amount of effort you put in certainly needs to be recognized!

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Likes on the post gave me so much love so far from the community ❤️

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