Confusion at LaGuardia

Currently flying a missed approach. Right on the 2 mile final I was handed over to tower. Tower at that moment went offline so I switched to Unicom.

At that moment I receive instructions to switch to tower frequency but there is no frequency! Not on the map not anywhere, so I execute a go around.

Anyone know what may have been the problem?

-Jomo Kenyatta

Edit: I want to just thank all the controllers, especially approach, for handling that que into Rwy 31! Pretty much every other inbound was executing missed approach on that final. Great job!

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It happens to me about half of the time when some of the frequencies are missing and then I get an on gaurd from the missing frequency


If it happened within the last 5 minutes, there was just a controller change.


That is where this comes in handy

Check and see if they are really there

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It was in the last 5 minutes. So if there was a change, and I am on short final, should the tower controller exercise discretion and let me land without a ghost/report?

I did missed approach so that would not happen.

Yes they should.

In addition to what others said above, if you’re not on short final and are clear of other traffic, try turning off the WiFi for 30 seconds. This usually causes tower to show up again once you’ve reconnected. Don’t use this if there’s heavy traffic or if you’re on short final, though.

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