Confusing runway winds

Hi lads,

I was recently inbound at VIDP and saw that the runway wind directions displayed on the map didn’t correspond to the ones displayed on the unicom.

Then it changed and said there wasn’t any weather data available, but the runway status didn’t change for neither the unicom nor the map. And when I actually landed on runway 10 there was only a 4kts crosswind.

Which wind information should we take into account when something like this happens?


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Your best bet is to click on the blue dot at the airport and that will give you the METAR for the airport.

Sometimes the weather connection drops out, so this might of been an issue for you.

But the best bet is to always go by the METAR at the airport you are landing at.

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The one on the runway is a basic indication, just saying that you can land there safely. On the unicom it’s just showing where the wind is favorable.

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I would add that when the weather information is not avalaible at the airport, the colours on the Atc dialog box correspond to the actual wind around the aircraft and not that on the specific runway! In such case, it is a good idea to look in the windy app or else before deciding which runway is appropriate…
Best landings!


Yeah that’s the problem, the METAR was out and I was getting conflicting wind directions.

However, what @Tep_NEMO says would explain why they were conflicting. Although I don’t understand why they would do that. This means the runway colours on the unicom would vary depending on whether I was on downwind / base etc? Why exactly?

Thanks for your insights though!

Not sure why, tbh. I’m sure someone else would be able to give some insight into that.

This is what happens indeed. A green runway downwind is hence likely to become a red one on final! This is why when the weather is not available, windy is the solution. What you’ll find on approach is roughly what windy shows for the airport.

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