Confusing runway status colours

I was performing a flight from Phoenix to San Diego, I was about to announce inbound but I noticed that the runway I had planned to land on (R09) was red in the ATC menu. I checked the map and my planned runway was orange and the opposite runway (R27) was red. I was very confused as to why the runway status colours didn’t match up in the ACT menu and on the map. I appreciate that this is a little hard to understand in words to I’ve included a screenshot below. You can see that the runway number colours aren’t the same on the map as they wherein the ATC menu.

Maybe just a bug cause in the ATC chat its yellow so probably needed to refresh(idk how it works just a thought)

By direction of the wind runway in use is 27

Always check the METAR if this happens so you can know what runway you should use

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System probably hadn’t caught up with itself yet after latest weather report.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to learn how to read METARS but it was just confusing as when I landed, I didn’t know which runway to choose.

It’s a direct crosswind, so no, it’s not a bug - crosswinds fluctuate. Use the ATC preferred runway (27).

It’s pretty easy to read the wind part

The first 3 digits (190 in this case) are the direction from where the wind is coming and the last 2 digits (07 in this case) are the velocity of the wind. The KT after the numbers stands for knots

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The closer the number of the runway is to the wind direction noted in the ATIS, the more of a headwind you will have, which is what you will want to have when landing/taking off. Of course you may have a crosswind as well.

Example, 140 @ 6. If you’re landing on runway 27, you’d have a tailwind, but say the wind was 250 @ 6, then you might have a very slight cross/headwind.

Instead of referring to the colors, I would check the METAR which gives you an accurate wind reading, as stated above. If you need help decoding a METAR, this tutorial is helpful:

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