Playground is regarded a training server, so you will get violations but no punishment for them. Read tutorials and practice all the tips and tricks you discover from there. By the time you get to the Advance server, you will have improved a lot.

u can get a violation if you stay on runway after 2 minutes without move. no?

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And auto-kicked from the server.

yes. its happen to me last year.

Been at your situation a while ago, but just try and read as many tutorials as possible, there are a looot of great tutorials to learn from. Practice makes perfect!
Also, I remember seeing sby called Toothless flying around with a 773ER in SoCal FreeFlight a few days ago :P
And let me know if you feel like flying, I gotta train as well xD

Oh yes I forgot about those. I think I got one of those once. The speed limits are the hardest to abide by

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Hi Jon, I really like your attitude: you want to do it right and not upset people. That is good.
I think you are ready for Playground server if:

  1. you have practiced take-off, flying and landing and
  2. you understand how you can avoid violations (taxi speed, airspeed under 10,000 feet and closed runway) and
  3. have a gentleman’s attitude (do not cut in line, give way to others, don’t taxi through grass, etc) and
  4. make a serious effort to follow ATC instructions.

This, with you’re attitude to ‘do it right’ will make that you do well, I’m sure!
So you will pick-up a violation here and there by accident, no worries!

Any of the aircrafts mentioned above are fine!

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself ;-)

Sound like a loss of self confidence and lack of basic airmanship skills. Plus your probably pushing heavy iron which you are not type qualified for yet. Work up to the jets and hvys. Suggest you do a little ground school first. Download the “Pilots Handbook” or the " Aeronautical Knowlege " tome free fron Review terminology, V-speed,
Etc. understand them. Then strap on a C-172 fly out of any single Rwy field out in the sticks till you can Greese it every time. Then consider you next buy.
Max Knows, Regards Jon

Ps: ATC’s gonna be there you’ll get to it. Basics & Terminology first then hit the ATC tutorials. Patients & perseverance is the key.

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Do you mean Max?

Link to the Pilot’s handbook is here if anyone needs it. I know I do!

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Buy live. One day or another you will have to start. Practice in solo and just do landing and take-off’s on the Free Flight Server (really no need to fly seriously in this server. No one respects anything - planes are coming from Everywhere, taxiing everywhere, landing on water…etc.). It is much better to practice in Solo mode. But the problem is that you need 5000XP to go to ATC Playground. Just achieve some nice take-offs and landings on the free flight.

Then enjoy ATC Playground and the Advanced Server. Keep practicing in Solo (e.g if the devs release a new airport, a new plane or simply another new feature, I tend to try them in solo first).

Enjoy your flights!

Thanks Toby. Max

Yep that was me! ;) I believe I had it paused for most of the time (Grinding XP). But yes that would be fantastic!

Thanks, I will be sure to soon!