I posted a heading similar to this last night, but after being on live for several hours for the past 3 days, I discovered I am a bit too nervous to properly fly on the Playground server. I’m scared of messing up and getting countless violations and making countless people upset.

Being like this live has come up to be not really the best choice for me. I tend to stay on free flight most of the time since violations are not given out there and that is not much different than solo mode (other then the live weather).

So enough blabbering, I need to make a decision, do I buy another aircraft, airport, or another live sub. again? I feel I need MUCH more practice if I ever want to go on the playground from now, so I was thinking about buying another aircraft/ airport.

So if you think I should buy an aircraft should it be the 737-900, or 777-200F. Or if you think I should buy an airport should it be London, New York, or South Florida? Or just comment live if you think I should just suck it up and get live again (which I am kinda not wanting).

Sorry for being so repetitive with my posts, I am just not really capable of making my own decisions! As always, much love! -Adam


south florida

I would get it again, you never know, it could be really good…

The only violations you can get on playground is flying 250kt below 10,000ft and 35kts while taxiing. A lot of people are just learning and it’s a good place to start:) No one will get upset with you.

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So I will no get a violation if I mess up taking off or landing wrong? What about not giving proper info on the ATC because I always forget and I misinterpret the ATC messages.

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I have 2 equal favorites, the 767, and the 777-300ER!

I already have a month of live! ;)

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No it’s fine. It’s the only way to learn. Many people make mistakes. The ATC can’t ghost you either. The ATCs make mistakes too. Completely fine. Just try your best:)

Thanks for the encouragement, I feel a lot better about it now!


Wait my paragraphs never spaced properly? I mad sure to space them this time! XD

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Toothless, what does it matter if you get a violation. Many people get them, even the best players. I would not consider myself a good pilot. For me the app is about learning. Lets put it this way. How many pilots in real life get to fly a large plane without many many hours of flying experience. Yes you will mess it up, however, you will be just like everyone else by learning from your experiences. I don’t fly often (maybe once a day) as I am busy with other IF projects in the background.

Take up divebuddha’s offer and go fly with him or any of the many helpful pilots you will find. Heck even MadMax might fly with you!

Go for a Cessna Citation. Nice and small yet very capable of high speeds. It can slow down fast and is very stable. Since it is free in Live you should go live my friend and try out ATC Playground.

Join a Virtual Airline and get help from colleagues. I would suggest IFAO. They have some great players.


Im not really that scared of violations, just mainly worried about making others upset! But yes, I chose to wait some more and see how I really like live!


I spend all my time on Live in the Seattle region. It’s never to populated and consists of mostly mature pilots. Not only is it a beautiful region with tons of stuff to do and discover, it’s a great place to learn on your own time.
And when you are ready, you can try out the busy regions like South California.

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As of right now, I am flying on the Playground on the Chicago region! I had the most phenomenal takeoff I have ever had just now!

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I also just landed in Chicago, wind pattern switched and blew towards me at the last moment. I bounced the it went into a crosswind and I just BARELY missed the runway, the taxi went well though! XD

Are you still online? If you are I can take an ATC in Chicago and you could practice communication with ATC. Or you can just PM whenever you want to practice:)


Thank you so much for the offer Carson! I’ll make sure to PM you soon! Sadly, I am no longer online. I have work tomorrow so I am going to settle down for a bit and go to bed!

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You can get a violation for being on the runway for to long and doing aerobatics in the facility of an active airport.

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@Toothless If you ever need help, want some atc at your favorite airport or just need someone to fly with - just PM me. I’d be glad to help you.

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