Confused with the new event


Um to say the least I’m fairly new to the Infinite Flight community as a whole. I bought Infinite Flight when my computer died and was not able to play X-Plane. Must admit. One of the best mobile sims out there. Me being a new pilot still working on his ground school. I was able to understand the NOTAM and NAS as well as any weight restrictions. Yada yada, what I’m here for is to ask wether the X-Cubs to Oshkosh event will be on a grade 3 server . Being new to the game I’m only at grade 2 . If it’s only on grade 3 servers , will someone give me some tips how to get XP fairly quickly. As it’s the only thing I’m lacking.

Just fly long haul.

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The easiest way I found to get to the Expert server faster was to do touch and goes at an airport.

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Hello Owl,

It has been confirmed this event will be held on the casual server through a slack channel.

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