Confused with ATC's instructions

Hi! so i’m kinda new to the expert server and i’ve been reported 2 times. i tried following ATC’s instructions but i didn’t know how exactly. it asked me to enter leftdownwind run09 but i didn’t understand. can i get some help please ?



Does anyone have that little traffic pattern diagram, that would help him a lot, unfortunately, I don’t have that

sorry about the link

oh i see. thanks a lot jack!

Basically to remember. Left downwind is that the runway you’re landing at is at your top left. Right downwind is the opposite

Take a look at the picture that @Jack_Q posted above. If you are still having dificulties, I would suggest two things:

  1. Take a look at the #tutorials category. There, you can find useful tutorials regarding everything.

  2. PM the controller. He will be more than happy to discuss the isuue with you and answer any of your questions.

and is it important to know what number 4 means?

so if ATC tells you to enter a runway left or right downwind, you turn parallel to the runway you were instructed too. For right downwind go on the side where you would make a right 180 when turning. For left you would make a left 180

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It means you have to follow the 3 planes ahead of you.

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Number 4 means that there are 3 other planes infront of you

Yes it is important. When the ATC issues to follow #4 traffic, you should be able to judge what traffic to follow. If you don’t follow the sequence and you interfere, there is a possibility to get ghosted

@Aceorbit that is for following traffic where there happens to be planes stacked up in front of you so you would be instructed to follow the planes in front of you not gaven pattern work.

oh i understand now. thanks a lot guys.

just to make sure, it my left or right and not the runway’s correct? (sorry for all the questions im trying my best)

So you don’t get reported make sure always follow instructions no matter what they are :-)

Just for a heads up. There is no need to contact UNICOM when inbound in an active airspace . If there is active ATC, announce inbound there ;)

oh okay thanks for that

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I believe I was the controller that reported you. Feel free to PM me with any questions about it, although the community is doing a pretty good job explaining what the instructions mean!


I recommend learning the rules of expert it will help you a lot because 5 reports and it’s a terribly long wait which I don’t wish on anyone