Confused with ATC schedule

I have been looking at the ATC schedule and it doesn’t add up on IF. It is currently 22:50z sun here in the uk. According to the schedule Sundays atc is in south west us area. If someone could clear this up id appreciate it. Many thanks.

ATC Switches around 0600Z. Right now we are still having fun in the Asian Region transporting cargo.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Here is the time that we switch (in your time):


Ye @Balloonchaser thanks a lot for your reply. That clears it up thanks for that. You guys are a day behind that’s right?

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GMT (ZULU) is 7 Hours Ahead of PDT (Pacific Time)

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If we’re all on, and think Zulu, nobody is behind 😊

Thanks a lot for clearing that up @Balloonchaser much appreciated.

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